The characteristic of our store is certainly the Wood.

This wonderful material is used in every single part of the shop
Thanks to the collaboration with the family company Mbs , we have created many wooden aspects of Tuscan Taste, from the box and gift idea to our forniture.

Every piece of forniture is made with wood to create the perfect elegant match with our tuscan products.
In Tuscan Taste we pay attention to our customers and we would transmit the beauty of our




In our store you can find many wooden souvenirs and gift ideas , exclusively handmade in Tuscany, like key chain, small painting , cutting boards , boxes and small baskets.
We have also created a line dedicated to wine and food , to compare with our products, like a glasses- holder, dosa-spaghetti, coasters, wine rack and much more.
Our wish is try to satisfy every single customers request and work every day to create something new


Tuscany is considered one of the most magical place in Italy and with her romantic atmosphere , attracts every year million people all over the world who decide to getting married in this region.
Thanks to the collaboration with a family company MBS , we have created a wedding gifts line, for who wants a quality TUSCAN products to combine with an elegant wooden packaging.
As you can see, we have a large range of wooden creations customizable in size, colour and printing , following our customers request.
You can choose between aromatic olive oil, jams, liquors and much more, exclusively  Made in Tuscany


For any information and quote, please, send us an email at info@tuscantaste.eu and we will pleased to satisfy any request